This course is designed for everyone who wants to improve their impact and ability to make things happen. You will learn new knowledge and skills from award-winning teachers and world-leading scholars.


This is a very practical course in which you will learn how to influence people’s perceptions, how to capture their imagination, and how to persuade them. You will learn what a leader is and how to become one.


This course employs cutting edge experiential learning. The activities include producing your own film and TV magazine programme, media training, an adventure, and your own 360-degree leadership assessment.


Our Philosophy: Leadership for All


The Master of Leadership at Deakin University is a unique and groundbreaking course. As far as we are aware, it is the first course to do all of the following things:


  • treat leadership as a generic and universal concept
  • make leadership relevant to everyone regardless of rank, position, or profession
  • focus on leadership development with real world practical skills
  • deliver up-to-date and rigourous leadership ideas


Masters degrees in leadership from other providers will either set it within an organisational/corporate context, or make it an elitist networking concept, or develop skills (often managerial) within particular disciplines, or take an academic approach to the subject. Whilst all of these are perfectly valid, our goal has been to develop a generic, relevant, and practical leadership degree that will be helpful to everyone trying to make things happen.


Our Approach to Teaching


Much of the teaching in the Master of Leadership is conducted in intensive bursts of concerted effort, usually of one week's duration. During residential schools and intensive courses, you complete your studies in one concentrated week (perhaps with some pre-reading and a concluding assignment a few weeks after). This has the benefits of immersion and impact, and allows us to be highly experiential and developmental in the activities we ask you to do.


Alan ClaridgeOne of the great strengths of this programme is that we have flipped the philosophy of the teaching. Rather than thinking how we can best teach you the relevant theories, we have designed the programme thinking about the skills you need to develop to be an effective leader and then used leadership theory to underpin this goal. The developmental themes running through the course relate to effective communication, persuasion, impression management, and change management. We have designed substantial and memorable activities, such as the production of a TV magazine programme and your own original short film, a week-long voyage on a tall-masted ship, professional media training, that will mean you leave the programme at the cutting-edge of leadership skills.


To make this possible, we have a particular 'take' on leadership. We view leadership as a social construction, i.e., a quality of observers rather like beauty or love. When leadership is viewed in this way, developing leadership is about understanding your own approach to leadership, understanding how people perceive you, changing these perceptions, and influencing the impressions, thoughts, and emotions of other people. Hence, communication, persuasion, impression management, and change management come to the fore and this is recognised in the design of the degree.


Information Flyer


This PDF contains the headline pieces of information including prices for the Master of Leadership in 2014: Key Information


Course Structure


The Master of Leadership has a simple structure. You must take and pass the six core units and any six of the elective courses.


Core Units


MPR771 Principles of Leadership


MPM772 The Social Constructon of Leadership


MPM773 Contemporary Issues in Leadership


MPT738 Audacious Leadership


MPR703 Management Communication


MPR707 Change Management


Elective Units


MPT774 The Leadership Retreat


MPM721/MPR721 Organisational Behaviour


MPA711 Corporate Governance and Ethics


MPM712 Managing Innovation


MPM704 Managing for Environmental Sustainability


MPR705 Entrepreneurship


MPM735/MPT735 International Business Management


HPY701 Leadership Assessment, Development and Coaching


MPI702 Applied Business Project


MPK701 Research Design and Analysis


MPP701 Research Project 1a


MPP703 Research Project 2


Or any other unit approved by the Course Director



The Master of Leadership is a new type of degree that focuses on you, your effectivenss, and your ability to make things happen. It will help you be successful thereby enhancing your career opportunities, broadening your options, and boosting your salary.

This is an advanced degree; one designed to help people who are already experts in their field become more effective. It does this by developing your understanding of the dynamics in your environment, developing your understanding of people, your perceptions, and

The Master of Leadership is different to other types of leadership degrees. Traditionally, there are three types of leadership degrees:

  1. Leadership degrees designed for elite people, which has a strong element of networking and international exploration.
  2. Leadership degrees designed for people in particular disciplines such as education, clinical professions, or the arts. These combine the development of discipline knowledge with sector-specific management skills.
  3. Leadership degrees designed for those who want to develop their academic interest in the subject of leadership, perhaps with a view to becoming a lecturer in leadership.

Our Master of Leadership is a new type of leadership degree. It is designed for everyone regardless of seniority or discipline as long as you are in a leadership role. It is highly oriented towards the development of practical skills, and it is focused on you, and your development.




Leadership Victoria (LV) is a non-profit community organisation that has been developing the leadership capabilities of people for over 25 years. The main vehicle is two leadership development programs: the Williamson Community Leadership Program and the Folio Community Leadership Program. They are two of Australia's finest leadership development programs. Their model has now become the inspiration for like-minded organisations both within Australia and abroad. There are now more than 1000 alumni of these programs.

Through their programs, LV effect positive change now and into the future. They identify emerging issues of importance and develop and mobilise leading individuals and organisations to respond proactively to these issues.

LV provides programs for people of varying levels of leadership experience. Four Fundamentals of LV’s programs are:

  • Cross-sectoral: They bring the public, private and not-for-profit sectors together
  • Open-minded: They respect the breadth of societal values that our participants embrace
  • Inter-generational: They enable leaders across generations to learn from one another
  • Reflective: They encourage deep reflection to increase each participant's awareness of themselves and their place in the world.

You can find out more about Leadership Victoria at

Williamson Community Leadership Program

Now in its 25th year, the Williamson Community Leadership Program (WCLP) offers one of Australia's most sought-after leadership development experiences. WCLP provides a unique year of leadership–focused activities that are designed to develop and connect leaders across sectors and generations. Effective leaders mobilise and empower others to want to get extraordinary things done in their organisations and in the community. True leadership is about the practices future leaders use to transform value into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into innovations, separateness into solidarity and risk into reward.

Folio Community Leadership Program

The Folio Community Leadership Program (FCLP) is an intensive seven month program for leaders in senior roles that follows the principles of the acclaimed Williamson Community Leadership Program. The Folio program takes participants on a “Deep Dive” experience in leadership inside and outside the community. Folio enables individuals to use their experiences and leadership for thriving organisations and social impact. ‘Leadership without authority’, especially for those in senior roles, requires specific skills in collaboration and communication, as well as the ability to connect and converse with other leaders from different perspectives and backgrounds to solve complex problems. A key learning component is undertaking a real community project. This collaborative group project will be for the life of the program and beyond, providing the opportunity to develop and apply collaboration, community leadership and communication skills. Folio provides the ultimate networking opportunity with participants drawn from senior roles across the government, corporate and community sectors; enabling participants to connect and converse with other leaders from different perspectives and backgrounds to solve complex problems.


We are delighted to support LV's activities and we have formed an alliance that recognises the quality of both institutions. Now, the alumni of the WCLP and the FCLP automatically get credit against Deakin University's Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and Master of Leadership:

  • Alumni of the Williamson Community Leadership Program automatically receive FOUR units of credit against the electives in Deakin's leadership courses.
  • Alumni of the Folio Community Leadership Program automatically receive TWO units of credit against the electives in Deakin's leadership courses.
  • People who have completed both programs, receive just the FOUR units of credit from the Williamson allowance.
  • In addition, Deakin University regards completion of either of these programs as sufficient for automatic entry into the Graduate Certificate in Leadership, which, if successfully completed, allows progression into the Graduate Diploma of Leadership and, again, if successful, into the Master of Leadership. (Note: You may, of course, apply for direct entry into either the Diploma and the Master of Leadership, and the credit will automatically be given to you.)

What This Means

To be awarded the Graduate Certificate of Leadership, WCLP and FCLP alumni need only complete two core units from Deakin's leadership suite.

The alumni of the WCLP need only take four core units to be awarded a Graduate Diploma in Leadership from Deakin University. It is important to note that the two core units undertaken for the Graduate Certificate in Leadership can count towards the Graduate Diploma in Leadership, so the WCLP alumni just need to do four core units in total to gain two academic qualifications. To gain a Master of Leadership degree, WCLP alumni need to complete eight units in total, of which six must be core units.

The alumni of the FCLP need only take four core units and two more allowable units to be awarded a Graduate Diploma in Leadership from Deakin University. As above, the two core units undertaken for the Graduate Certificate in Leadership can count towards the Graduate Diploma in Leadership. To gain a Master of Leadership degree, FCLP alumni need to complete ten units in total, of which six must be core units.

Taking Advantage

It is easy to take advantage of this opportunity. Simply enter the Deakin University student body and register for the courses/units you want to do. Go to to start the process. You can do this now.