The following links take you to places where you can download software that will do various forms of animation. Some are free, some are not.

CrazyTalk (good for avatars, lip-syncing, and animating your own photos; multiple versions and add-ons): (but buy through the App Store if you have a Mac as you will then be able to install on ultiple machines)

Muvizu (Cheap, but extraordinarily powerful, animation software that will allow you to create your own Toy Story. Sadly for PC only at the moment):



Moovly (good for simple clipart type animations with some bullet points):

Powtoon (good for PowerPoint-like animated presentations):

ToonDo: (good for basic cartoon strips):

Chogger: (more advanced cartoon strips, but unstable on a Mac):

Videoscribe: (tremendous for animated drawing; thisis the one with 'the hand that draws': 

DoppelMe (for simple cartoon images of people):

Wideo (not cheap, but very good for sequences of animated slides within funky style sheets):

GoAnimate (expensive, but the corporate standard for animated cartoons):