Post-Production Resources

As with pre-production and production, there are a huge number of free resources available to help you during post-production. On this page, you will find links to sites containing explanatory videos, free tools, and copyright free music that you can use to make your films.


Editing Theory

The History of Cutting - The Birth of Cinema and Continuity Editing:

The History of Cutting - The Soviet Theory of Montage:

The Kuleshov Experiment:

Master Editing Techniques:


Editing Practice

Video 101: Editing Basics:

iMovie in Under Five Minutes:

iMovie 2015 Full Tutorial:

iMovie for Beginners 2015

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials for Beginners by GetGoing Tutorials:

The Ken Burns Effect - iMovie 2014 (this is also a nice introduction to iMovie)

How to Greenscreen in iMovie 10:

How to Avoid 5 Common Green Screen Mistakes - Visual Effects 10:

How To Effectively Light Your Green Screen:

How to Pixelate/Censor a Face/Number Plate etc. in Final Cut Pro X:

Multi-Camera Editing in Final Cut Pro X:

Recording Voiceover in Final Cut Pro X:



Colour Correction and Grading

Macworld's How to Correct Colours in Final Cut Pro X (Text):

Colour Correction Workflow from (Video):

Popular Colour Corrections by Color Grading Central:


Special Effects Tutorials

Time Travel Warp Effect:

Ray Gun Beam FX:

Put a Helicopter in Your Film:



Final Cut Pro X Free 30-day trial:

Final Draft Free Trail:


Smart Converter: From the App Store or



For exchanging large files. Most of these have free 30-day trials or allow you to set up a basic dropbox for free

Google Drive:


One Drive: Comes with Windows 8 and 10


Amazon Cloud Drive:





The fonts you use in your titling and other written materials help convey the atmosphere of the film. Many feature films actually commission their own fonts for this purpose. Fortunately, a huge variety of free fonts are available for download online. With these fonts, check what you are allowed to do with them.Some are 100% free to use in all materials, some are free for personal use, and others are 'donationware'. When downloading double-check and abide by the category the font falls into.


Font Squirrel:

1001 Free Fonts:

Urban Fonts:

Cool Text:


Font Palace:

Google Fonts (mainly for use on websites):